A Technology company enabling Net-Zero strategies through “Energy as a Service”

Energy reduction and decarbonisation solutions without the need for capital investment

Energy Management as a Service

We measure how and where you use energy to help drive down costs whilst switching you to renewable supplies.

Energy Efficiency as a Service

Unlock surplus cash through our monthly subscription capital free energy reduction solutions.

Energy Independence

Create revenue through installing onsite generation and EV charging networks with our capital free solutions.

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We are committed to helping businesses and schools across the UK and Ireland become more energy efficient through energy reduction and decarbonisation solutions without the need for capital investment.

Our Mission

Our mission

We want to enable our customers achieve Net Zero simply and efficiently without the need for capital investment.

We will do this through smart renewable procurement, technology enabled energy management and through energy efficiency as a service.

We believe technology and smart data play a key role in delivering this journey which is why we are investing in market leading proprietary technology where data insights will drive energy reduction and accelerate energy price competition.

Key Services

Our Key Services

Net Zero Strategies

  • We assess & report your current carbon impact
  • We create a Sustainable Strategy to reduce your carbon impact
  • We implement a roadmap that delivers your Sustainable Strategy

Zero Carbon Marketplace

  • Access certified renewable energy across the whole market
  • Proprietary energy trading platform presents all Supplier offers on a like for like basis
  • Reverse auction technology that delivers the most competitive price

Smart Green Procurement

  • Understand where energy prices are going through our Market Intelligence Reports
  • Use our Procurement Strategies to help you to achieve your budgetary targets
  • Procurement is transparently delivered through our Zero Carbon Marketplace

Virtual Energy Manager

  • Maintain your budgets through our Cost & Consumption Reporting
  • We check your utility bills and recover costs incorrectly billed by your Supplier
  • We create Compliance Reports (ESOS / SECR) and can deliver identified savings

Measurement & Monitoring

  • We create intelligence from data that can be turned into savings
  • We install behind the meter solutions to break down where and when energy is being consumed
  • We track the effect of energy reduction measures using our proprietary software

Energy Efficiency as a Service

  • We provide capital free energy reduction solutions to reduce your carbon footprint
  • We can install Light-as-a-Service retrofitted into any environment
  • Replace old or inefficient boilers through our Heat-as-a-Service solution

Onsite Generation & Power Purchase Agreements

  • We deliver the right solution through a competitive tender process
  • We can fund your PV project as a capital free energy reduction solution
  • Reduce energy price risk and secure long term renewable energy supply through one of our PPA solutions

EV Charging

  • We provide and fit EV charging solutions into all commercial locations
  • We provide real time insights into charging station utilisation and management
  • EV charging solutions can be installed and funded through our capital free solutions
Our Brands

Our Brands


Hear why our customers choose eEnergy


“As a craft brewer, sustainability is an important part of our philosophy. We are very attuned to the importance of nature. All our ingredients are natural. Reducing our energy by 62% for lighting is a really positive step for us. The fact that it was done with no capital requirement and that it will deliver savings for years to come is an extra bonus for us.”

Sally Anne Cooney, Boyne Brewery

“We used eLight as they were able to provide us with the perfect solution for our requirements, both a zero capital outlay and a fully managed LED solution. They carried out a fully extensive audit to establish our baseline and proposed savings of in excess of 1 million pounds over 10 years.”

Steve Halmshaw, Business Improvement Leader. David Brown Santasalo

“Lighting is an important part of our business. We want to show our products looking their best. Inside and outside our stores we use a lot of lighting. eLight installed over 1000 lights in our stores. In the weeks since that work has been completed we have already saved thousands of Euro on energy costs. When we can cut costs without cutting quality and service, that means we can improve competitiveness and strengthen our business.”

Liam Fallon, Finance Director – Brooks.

“Knight Frank have worked with Beond since 2014 and working closely with our internal Energy team they have secured very competitive electricity and gas prices for our properties under management. They also provide useful support to the site addition process ensuring timely additions and favourable terms.”

David Goatman, Partner, Department Head of Energy and Sustainability, Knight Frank LLP

Mark Poston

Principal, Portslade Aldridge Community College

“We have a very strong green agenda here, so it’s wonderful to see the students get behind it and really appreciate that we’re making a substantial difference to the amount of carbon we put into the atomosphere. Overall it’s something that really resonates with the values of the school.”

Alastair Graham

Headmaster, Hall Grove School

“The fact that we were getting the immediate benefit of good quality classroom lighting without having upfront costs was a huge advantage to us. Such a big part of our electrical costs come through lighting and we will save up to £8,000 a year.”

Brigid Heron

Principal, Sperrin Integrated College

“As a school we operate very strict financial controls. One of the key reasons the eLight proposal was so good in our view was that we had no upfront capital cost. At Sperrin College our energy bill will drop by approximately £20,000 per year.”


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