eEnergy is welcomed onto the Everything FM Framework

About Everything FM

The Everything FM Framework empowers public sector organisations by giving access to a network of suppliers via a fast, fully compliant, and flexible framework.

The framework enables schools, academies, local authorities, and other public sector and third sector organisations to purchase goods and services without lengthy tender exercises.

About eEnergy 

eEnergy is a leading “Energy-as-a-Service” (EaaS) technology-enabled provider, unleashing net-zero for public and private sector organisations, delivering energy reduction and decarbonisation solutions without the need for capital investment.

About helping schools achieve net zero

The Everything FM Framework was a perfect fit for eEnergy – which has already completed over 400 projects in schools across the UK & Ireland.

To date, the primary focus has been offering Light-as-a-service via eLight to save schools money and to significantly reduce their carbon emissions. This involves upgrading schools to LED lighting for no upfront cost and charging a monthly service fee- which is always lower than the savings realised. The light-as-a-service model means that the schools are cash positive from day one.

Simon Rule – CEO Everything FM

“The lack of funding for schools means that schools can start working with eEnergy on projects they don’t necessarily have the upfront cash for. It’s a win-win when you look at the savings that can be achieved alongside reducing carbon emissions. As an organisation, we’re working with eEnergy to ensure we’re doing as much as we can to kickstart our net-zero journey. I’m very much looking forward to our collaboration with the eEnergy team going forwards”

Matt Savill – National Account Director at eEnergy

“The eEnergy service offering is continually evolving with our customers’ requirements. We’ve just added solar PV to the list of products we’re providing via our energy efficiency as a service model. It’s a really exciting time for the business as we know there’s a focus on reaching net-zero. Our unique proposition helps public sector organisations that lack the upfront capital to invest in green technologies. The great thing about what we do is that it is all scientifically proven – if we say we can reduce lighting costs by 60-70%, it’s because we actually can deliver those savings.

The as-a-service model guarantees performance and sustainability as well as minimising waste. We’re always looking at the social value we can add. For example, we try where possible to have a zero-waste policy. We’ve partnered with Recycling Lives, a charity, to collect and sort all the waste packaging and old light fittings to recycle as much as possible.