What has the UK done to get closer to net zero?

Everyone is talking about net zero; whether you are a SME or a Corporate organisation, you will have at least had the initial conversation as to ‘how does net zero affect us?’ and the truth is it affects us all. As the UK’s net zero target is 2050, the Government will need everyone’s help in achieving this, including businesses. But for companies to understand what needs to be done, it is also beneficial to look at what the UK is doing to achieve this

UK to slash emissions by 78% by 2035
The UK Government announced back in April 2021 that it will reduce their emissions by 78% by 2035, 15 years prior to the UK’s target to reach net zero by 2050. If the UK meets this target, it will be one of the first to achieve this reduction. The UK made this commitment ahead of COP 26 to demonstrate its commitment to net zero. The government has set out this target to encourage businesses to review their own carbon footprint and develop a plan to their own emissions to help the UK hit the 2050 goal.

In May 2021, the Government launched a campaign called ‘Together for our Planet’ to encourage small businesses to begin their net zero journey at the same time as helping them grow their businesses. The campaign aims to get SME’s to take small steps to cut their emissions in half by 2030 and completely by 2050 through the new SME Climate Hub. Your small businesses can find more information on this here.

As there are over 6 million small businesses in the UK, this makes up 99% of enterprises, and through this, they employ over 60% of the UK’s workforce and create over £2.2 trillion of revenue (GOV.UK).  Some SME’s may think that they will not make a difference in the race to zero, but every single business has a role to play in making net zero a reality.

UK’s net zero target of 2050
The CCC (Climate Change Committee) has said that £50 billion should be spent on low-carbon investments; this includes support for UK businesses to achieve their targets. The Government have put several schemes in place to support businesses in implementing net zero targets. For example, they launched ‘Build Back Greener,’ which sets out policies and proposals for the decarbonisation of all sectors. Another scheme put in place, is that all businesses by law must have a net zero target by 2030…

All UK businesses must have a net zero target in place by 2023
In November 2021, the UK Government announced that UK businesses must have net zero targets by 2023. Campaign group Global Witness has emphasised the importance of every business having a net zero target as without, they say we are ‘doomed to fail.’

Although this target may seem pretty soon, it is crucial businesses begin their net zero journey. If they only begin implementing in 2023, they only have 27 years to become net zero. This may seem a long time, the sooner business start implementing their net zero strategy the sooner they will start reaping the financial and environmental rewards. It can take several months to develop a robust plan and data, especially your carbon footprint should be the starting point.

How can my business achieve net zero?
The first step in achieving net zero would be to identify your carbon footprint, followed by looking at your current business portfolio; there are bound to be plenty of reduction opportunities already available for your organisation. By completing an energy audit, this is possible. An energy audit will highlight areas of your business that are using an excessive amount of energy, enabling you to develop a data-backed plan to determine how you will bring this energy consumption down.

The second step would be to identify energy efficiency projects, from LED lighting to behavioural changes; your business will be able to apply many reduction strategies to support your net zero pledges. This is something we can help you with at eEnergy.

How can eEnergy help?
At eEnergy, our sister companies can help you reach your energy goals. eEnergy PLC are experts within the energy sector. With the help of our energy management and energy efficiency experts, we will help identify your carbon footprint, where you are wasting energy and then help to put a plan in place to bring down your carbon emissions in line with your net zero targets.

The first step is understanding your energy consumption; what better way to do this than to work with the experts. To find out how we can help you, please reach out to us at info@eenergyplc.com where we will look at your businesses energy portfolio and develop a thorough, data-backed plan that will support your organisation achieve its net zero target.